Call for action

Finding long-term harmony in landscapes, where nature and people meet, is the challenge!

During the conference, together, we will consider how we need to act and what we should do to meet this challenge and address the major transitions of our time, such as climate change and sustainable development – sharing our knowledge, information and experiences.

Inspiration sessions

The conference theme ‘Tribute to the landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony’ is there for the continuous substantive guiding line for these inspiration sessions.

To discuss what this means, the main theme is elaborated in 3 connecting (interactive) ‘branches’:

  1. Nature - the connections between ecosystems, climate and water
  2. Human Development – the relationships between history, culture and art
  3. Sustainable Economy – the co-dependencies between circular economy, regional economy, sustainable tourism and agriculture

In these three ‘branches’ attention can be given to education, health, & new (digital) technologies.


We are looking for practical examples and good ideas to share in our ‘Inspiration Sessions’. In particular we are looking for case studies in the following areas:

Restoration and protection: How do you decide what the restoration priorities are? What are the criteria to decide resource allocations? What tools and technological approaches can be used to restore nature? If you are doing some work in these topics. Give us a call!

Capacity building / knowledge building: We all need new ways of working, but what skills and competencies do we need to do our work more effectively? Do you have a new training tool you can show us?

Biodiversity (directly linked to the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy): Can new technologies be the key to more integrated nature management?  We would love to include some new ideas. Get in touch!

Technology & nature: Which new technology in monitoring, GEO information, management planning, supporting sustainable tourism, digital nature experience, ticketing, counting visitors and spread of visitors do you use? Come on techno geeks …show us your park “toys” so we can play together 😊

Species Re-introduction animals or plants: In a rapidly changing world, creating space for nature is a pressing challenge: as a species, are humans nature’s ally or foe? What is the purpose of species re-introductions? How can we create the necessary conditions to facilitate international migrations and what is its importance? Let us know what you are up to in this field!

Landscape assessment / Integrated spatial planning: how to apply this in watershed areas (nature estuaries) and Protected Areas/National Parks? How can landscape biography help with landscape assessment and planning? Is this something you are doing? Can you show others how?

Landscape storytelling: It is more important than ever that we connect people and nature and to mobilise Protected Areas as the collective voice for all nature and landscape areas. How do we learn from the past to create a sustainable future for nature, valued by people? Tell us your stories on innovative communications!

Youth: How is your Protected Area/National Park involving youth? What challenges did you overcome? How did youth involvement improve your work? Can you share the stage with a young person to inspire us all?


Overall we will focus on the vital and dynamic relationships between nature and people. Our aim is to search for ways to enable societies to live in better harmony with nature  - crucial for present and future generations.

Your case studies will be part of new inspiration sessions, that will enable us to elaborate the conference theme: Tribute to our landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony’. These case studies need to be presented in English.

So please get in touch with ideas or case studies from your park or project, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please drop an email with information  to the EUROPARC Conference 2021 team before Friday 15 January 2021  

E-mail to or call Karin Zegwaard / phone: 0031 (0)6 208 33 826.

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